Industrial and mining Shahdab Yazd Co began its operation since 1984 in field of excavation and testing pumpage and equipping deep and semi deep wells in provinces of Yazd, Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan and Fars and gradually it expanded its operation range in provinces of Isfahan, Kermanshah, Semnan , Khorasane Razavi, Northern Khorasan, Hormozgan, Zanjan, Ilam, Lorestan and Boushehr.


Since 1991, it expanded its activity rage in field of study wells and explosive wells of mines particularly in mines of Anguran, Zanjan, Cooper mine in Kerman Sarcheshme and Iran iron Ore Company in Choghart and Sechahun mines, by purchasing and manufacturing advanced and modern excavation machines in type of stroke rotation machines with experienced and academic human force.

 From late 2004, with providing the proper beds in order to become more active in industry and mine section, this company began its activity in field of explorer and mining the mines, grinding, grading, minerals processing by providing mineral and road construction machineries and specialist human force and now it also is continuing its activity in this field.

375 Machineries
1000 Employees
14 State Of Projects